Inspired first by the beauty of nature, Rebecca’s distinctive vision and style also reflect a life fully immersed in art and craftsmanship.

Living in Europe as a child, her artist parents cultivated her appreciation for greatness in design and craft by visiting museums, castles and cathedrals in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. She grew up in a home filled with art, and in the family’s business of galleries, art supplies and picture framing.

Rebecca’s mature style uniquely interprets nature through degrees of dimension, which she crafts by shaping the canvas or layering surface materials. In her modern take on the painting surface, her vision reaches out to invite a physical as well as visual connection for the viewer. For Rebecca, art is a gift of love that she extends to the world.

Rebecca welcomes commissions as an opportunity to create within the design parameters of her client’s vision. She offers a shared process to craft art and objects she will lovingly create to return love to the owner.