Craig Watts

The majestic stature of a bison, the commanding presence of a grizzly bear, the strength and grace of trees and the luminous effect of sunlight at dawn and dusk are signatures of Craig Watts’s Art. Craig’s paintings are inspired by his love of nature and its inhabitants.

Craig’s goal is to capture the physical and spiritual elements of our great outdoors and the wildlife that call it home. His use of vibrant and unique color palettes adds a unique perspective beyond traditional approaches. By drawing others into his paintings, he hopes to enhance the appreciation for God’s creation.

Craig’s grandmother was a professional artist and his father is an accomplished sculptor, yet Craig discovered his gift of painting relatively late in life. After a fulfilling career as the president of three furniture design and manufacturing companies, Craig redirected his creative talent to painting. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to study under renowned artist, Miles Laventhall. Craig is an Elected Member of the Audubon Artists and a Signature Member of the Boca Raton Artist Guild, an auxiliary of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Artist’s Statement:

My art is inspired by God’s creation…the beauty of nature and wildlife

Early in my career, I was influenced by the Impressionists, yet I am a colorist at heart, with no fences or rules when it comes to color for my wildlife, landscapes, and abstracts.

I seek to capture the soul of the animal while stretching the boundaries of traditional wildlife portraits. While rich color palettes breathe energy into my abstracts, all of my abstracts have a landscape as their foundation.

Painting is my praise offering to God. While I paint for the sheer joy of the creative process… ultimate compliment is to hear that my collectors also find joy in my art.