Amir Alnajar

A master at his craft for over 18 years, Amir has had a highly successful career with many facets in the art field. He has created elaborately patterned gold leaf ceilings in Saudi Arabia and in Morocco extremely intricate frames for a princess.

Amir studied glass repair in France and color chemistry in Syria. His skills and creativity have led him to working with fine antiques dealers and others.
Amir is amazing at refinishing, gold leafing and resin artwork, also antique restoration in ceramic, furniture, wood inlay, porcelain, crystal and glass.

Several pieces were chosen by the Coen Brothers motion picture film producers for “A Serious Man”, nominated for both Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Picture, 2009.

Lynn Amsterdam

Artist are always asked about the journey, inspiration or history that led them to the creating of art. My story is simple….It is by accident and because of a car accident that I found my way to painting. That’s right, a car accident, within seven seconds the life that I knew abruptly ended. My professional career with the State of New Jersey and my career as a professional photographer.

I didn’t see it until 2012 but what the accident also did was give me pause and allow me to look deep in search of my painterly side. I was one of those kid’s who’s art was never selected for display in grammar school, I couldn’t draw to save my life, so how could I paint. What lay hidden there on the dusty shelves of my brain was the desire to create. That desire blossomed when I moved to Florida in 2012.

Lynn Stender

From Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia. She captures mood and light in her subject matter through her impressionist style and approach to painting.
Lynn served as Vice President elect of the Palm Beach
Watercolor Society, 200-2003, is an Exhibiting Member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, member of the Gold Coast Watercolor Society.
As Resident-Artist of Boca Raton Resort and Club, Lynn has been teaching painting workshops for over 20 years.
Lynn has been a staff teacher for II Chiostro travel trios to Italy, conducting Plein Air painting trips for 15 years. Lynn was honored by her student Sally Petrillo, who in 2003, founded the Lynn Travis Stender Art Scholarship fund.
Lynn was awarded Volunteer of the Year Award, 2007 by WITVA, and receive the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for her remarkable dedication and enthusiastic service.

Michele Goren

Drawing and painting people are among Michele’s earliest memories. From the age of five she was always busy drawing and painting and at the age of eight, she won her first purple ribbon for a portrait of a fellow classmate. She describes art as her passion, “Through my eyes to my heart and soul through my hands.” Hence, the beginning of Michele’s life as an extremely expressive and sensitive artist. 
She completed an Artist in Residence program in the Loogootee Schools, Indiana, and her work has been shown at exhibitions from the East coast to the West coast; she has won awards that include Best of Show and First Place. Her mission is to create positive emotion evoking fine art that touches hearts and souls of all peoples through many forms, designs and styles. All that Michele brings to life on paper or canvas conveys an unparalled spirituality that the viewer will not only see, but deeply feel.
Two paintings, “No More Mines” and “Pauluha” were accepted by Sir Paul McCartney through the United Nations in 2005, for his and Heather Mills, Adopt a Mine Foundation.
 “Eight Gifts” was published by Briarpatch for an exclusive 2007 Hanukah puzzle for Barnes and Noble. 
 Several pieces were chosen by the Coen Brothers motion picture film producers for “A Serious Man”, nominated for both Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Picture, 2009. 

R. Dutch

Inspired first by the beauty of nature, Rebecca’s distinctive vision and style also reflect a life fully immersed in art and craftsmanship. Living in Europe as a child, her artist parents cultivated her appreciation for greatness in design and craft by visiting museums, castles and cathedrals in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. She grew up in a home filled with art, and in the family’s business of galleries, art supplies and picture framing.
Rebecca’s mature style uniquely interprets nature through degrees of dimension, which she crafts by shaping the canvas or layering surface materials. In her modern take on the painting surface, her vision reaches out to invite a physical as well as visual connection for the viewer. For Rebecca, art is a gift of love that she extends to the world.
Rebecca welcomes commissions as an opportunity to create within the design parameters of her client’s vision. She offers a shared process to craft art and objects she will lovingly create to return love to the owner.